Where Is The Dignity For Our Marines Shot In Chattanooga?

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Lots of things happening in our country infuriate me over the last few years. But, this one is especially infuriating. President Obama’s response to the savage murders that occurred in a Charleston Church, compared to his response for the murders of five Marines in Chattanooga, couldn’t be more different.

If you look at how he addressed the American people, after each tragic event, it becomes clear that he truly has no respect for our military and the great sacrifices they, and their families, make for our country.

Certainly he expressed his condolences for the Marines that were killed. He said all the right words. But, he did so in a very short statement, where he couldn’t be bothered to even stand up when addressing this heinous act. This has to be the worst speech EVER regarding a terrorist attack on American soil.

Contrast that to the statement he gave on the Charleston shooting. He delivered it from behind a podium with flags in the background. He was standing upright and dignified, with Vice President Biden by his side, giving the victims of that tragedy the respect they deserved. Did our Marines not deserve the same level of respect?

He was quick to equate the Charleston shooting to a racial motive, which it turned out to be, however he was not ready to go to terrorism in the Chattanooga killings, despite having no more information regarding the background of the Chattanooga murderer, then he did with the Charleston killer, at the time. So why jump to a conclusion in one instance, but not another?

He wasted no time in attending the memorial of the gunned down Charleston victims, even leading the congregation of the church in “Amazing Grace.” My question is, will he step up like the Commander-in-Chief and do the same for our military men, or is this going to be yet another snub to the people that defend our country so valiantly?

As hundreds gathered in Chattanooga this past weekend, memorializing their fallen soliders, President Obama and his daughters spent the weekend enjoying a nice mini-vacation and some “bonding time” in New York. The kind of bonding time that the children of the soldiers gunned down in Chattanooga will never again get to have with their fathers.

I couldn’t be more over this type of response from someone who is supposed to the the Commander-in-Chief of our military.

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