Elizabeth Warren Dodges Israel-Gaza Question

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With talk about President Obama possibly backing Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the 2016 Presidential run, instead of Hillary Clinton, this clip just sort of gives you a glimpse into her mindset when it comes to Israel — which is honestly not too far off from this administration’s.

I guess this is why the whispers around DC are saying Obama is looking for a “mini me” to run, and he just may have found it in her.

According to Mediaite, Warren was attending the liberal Netroots Nation conference, in Detroit, Michigan, when someone asked her thoughts about Israel’s ground invasion of Gaza. You can hear Capitol City Project’s Joe Schoffstall saying, “Senator, as you know, Israel invaded Gaza today and we just wanted to get your thoughts on that.”

Her response – shaking her head, raising her hand and exiting out of there as quickly as possible. Now maybe she was in a hurry, but one would expect that a public figure such as herself would be prepared to at least give a cursory answer to a major world event.

But, word on the street is this type of response is fairly common for her.

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