Sleeping Baseball Fan Sues ESPN and MLB For $10 Million

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Andrew Rector, the man who recently attended the Yankees/Red Sox baseball game and was caught sleeping on camera, is suing ESPN for $10 million dollars, claiming he was defamed by Dan Shulman and John Kruk, the game announcers, and is now suffering emotional distress.

sleeping-baseball-fanRector was spotted in the stands, appearing to be asleep with his head hanging to the side, by the cameraman. One of the announcers said, “It’s not the place you come to sleep.”

Rector, who admitted falling asleep for a brief time during the April 13 game, is alleging that the announcers began an “unending verbal crusade” and “avalanche of disparaging words” against him. His suit continues, “These unmitigated verbal onslaughts crossed the line between reporting on sport and abuse against the plaintiff without reasonable cause or restraint.”

The strangely worded filing against ESPN and MLB accuses the announcers of painting an inaccurate portrait of him, specifically one of a “fatty cow that need two seats at all time and represent symbol of failure.” Rector is being represented by Valentine Okwara, of Jamaica, NY.

However, if one watches the clip of the game, the accusations that he was called names and disparaged by the announcers does not seem to be the case. The announcers were actually pretty gentle in their repertoire about him, saying “Is he here alone? What’s the deal with this guy?” and “Did he sleep through the Beltran homer?” Many of the comments alleged in his multi-million dollar lawsuit were actually made by viewers commenting on the MLB clip on YouTube.

ESPN has declined to discuss the suit.

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