Obama Suffers Unanimous Defeat by SCOTUS Ruling on Recess Appointees

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Today’s unanimous defeat of President Obama’s recess appointments, made when the Congress was actually not in recess, marks the 12th ruling since 2012 by the Supreme Court, in thwarting President Obama’s attempts to circumvent the Constitution with executive power.

According to Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah), who is a former law clerk to Justice Samuel Alito, in an interview with the National Review Online, this may be the “tip of the iceberg.” He went on to say, “Not every case in which the President has exceeded his authority has made it all the way to the Supreme Court. The fact that his track record is as bad as it is in the Supreme Court is yet another indication of the fact that we’ve got a president who is playing fast and loose with the Constitution.”

Back in April of 2013, Cruz published a document entitled The Legal Limit: The Obama Administration’s Attempts to Expand Federal Power.

Is Obama’s insistence on skirting the boundaries of the Constitution finally going to be checked? One can only hope.

Supreme Court of the United States 2014

Supreme Court of the United States 2014 (Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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