IRS Commissioner Continues to Resist Special Prosecutor Proposal

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Since when is a government employee worried about wasting our taxpayer money? Well, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen sure thinks a special prosecutor would be a waste of our taxpayer money, y’all. Aww, how kind of him. Worrying about our money and whatnot! Pffff.

I mean it’s not like the IRS has had $1.8 million for IT, and apparently their stellar IT team doesn’t know how to recover from a backup, when a computer hard drive crashes, before it is written over six months later. No, that wasn’t a “waste of taxpayer money,” like a special prosecutor would be.

And, it’s not like the IRS didn’t have plans at the beginning of this year to hand out $62.5 million in bonuses to agency employees to “boost their morale,” in the midst of this whole fiasco. Commissioner Koskinen, himself, said the bonuses were needed to retain and attract good employees. No, not a waste of our taxpayer money at all people! But, a special prosecutor would be. Trust them…they are the IRS…they will get to the bottom of things with their bogus internal invesigation. Please.

In an interview with Wolf Blitzer today on CNN, when asked if he could understand how the IRS scandal looks “suspicious,” he once again said he has found no evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Umm, pardon me, but when questioned by Trey Gowdy (R., South Carolina), didn’t he admit that he had no idea what the criminal statutes were? So, how could he possibly even know if any crime was committed, when he doesn’t know what would constitute a crime.

He also stated that he had no idea why Lois Lerner pleaded the Fifth Amendment when giving her testimony. Generally, Mr. Koskinen, someone would plead the Fifth to protect themselves against self-incrimination in a crime of some sort.  At least that’s what most people with “common sense,” which you seem to like to claim you have, would think.

We now know, from yesterday’s news dump, that Ms. Lerner was looking to target Senator Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), who is the Republican Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, which handles funding for the IRS, before he had even done anything wrong. Before he had even filed his taxes! Over-eager there much, Ms. Lerner? So, she obviously had no qualms about using her position for political gain. It’s not hard to imagine her doing even more nefarious things in her position.

Any-who, Mr. Koskinen, who has contributed nearly $100,000 to Democratic candidates and organizations for four decades now, continues to stand by the White House his talking points on the whole IRS scandal and feels that bringing in an outside special prosecutor would be a waste of our taxpayer money. I, personally, can think of many things that our government is currently wasting our money on, that we could do away with, in order to bring in someone who can actually be objective and preserve evidence in this matter. Better yet, why not take the cost of the investigation out of future IRS budgets? Seems like a good idea to me.

With only the people involved in the investigation that we have now, I fear we will never get to the truth of the matter. Actually, I think that so much evidence in this case has now disappeared, that even if we did bring in an outside non-partisan party to investigate, getting to the truth may be difficult now. Maybe that is what he means by “waste of taxpayer money,” you think? He knows that everything has been destroyed is gone, so why bother.

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