Democratic Congressman “Floored” by the POTUS Playing Pool Instead of Visiting the Texas Border to Survey Problems

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Democratic Congressman Henry Cuellar, of Texas, told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell today that he was “floored” by seeing President Barak Obama drinking beer and playing pool in Denver, with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper, rather than taking the time to visit the southwestern border of Texas, where we are currently experiencing a humanitarian crisis.

According to Cueller, “He’s so close to the border. And let me say this: when I saw, and I hate to use the word bizarre, but under the circumstances, when he is shown playing pool in Colorado, drinking a beer, and he can’t even go 242 miles to the Texas border, and plus, if he doesn’t want to go down to the border, there’s the Air Force Base where HHS is holding some of the young kids from the border. He could at least make that trip to San Antonio, but again, border community leaders want to see him down there on the border, and I think the optics and the substance of it is that he should show up at the border.”

He also added, “If he’s saying he’s too busy to go down to the border, but you have time to drink a beer, play pool, the optics and the appearance just mean he’s not paying attention to this humanitarian crisis.”

Residents of the border communities are upset with the President’s attitude towards the influx of unaccompanied minor children that are pouring into their towns. On Wednesday afternoon the President arrived in Texas for a party fundraiser, and he breifly met with Texas Governor Rick Perry to discuss the border situation, however he did not visit the border where the crisis is currently underway.

Cueller has been vocal in speaking out against President Obama’s administration’s handling of the crisis at the border. And, this apparently has not gone unnoticed by the White House, who Cueller revealed to Brian Kilmeade Wednesday morning on Fox & Friends, had called him, although he didn’t go into specific details about the call.

Cuellar said he had been called, and added, “But let me just say that I’m more concerned not about who gets angry at me at the White House; I’m more concerned about my constituents who want to find a practical solution to this question that we’re facing down there at the border.”

Kilmeade then asked, “Who called you?”

To which Cuellar responded, “We’ll just leave it like that.”

Kilmeade continued to press for further information, and even asked if the White House had told him to “pipe down.”

“We’ll just leave it like that,” the congressman repeated. “But notice what I’m doing: I’m still talking about it.”

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