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Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Dodges Israel-Gaza Question

With talk about President Obama possibly backing Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the 2016 Presidential run, instead of Hillary Clinton, this clip just sort of gives you a glimpse into her mindset when it comes to Israel — which is honestly not too far...

Children From Mexico

How the Term “Unaccompanied Children” is Misleading the Public

#111516597 / When one thinks about the border crisis we are currently facing, with thousands of children coming across the border from Mexico into the United States, images come to mind of little ones traveling through hostile territory all alone. Mexican territory that...

Harry Reid and Cora Marrett chat.

Top Nevada Newspaper Slams Harry Reid for “Race Baiting”

Well, will wonders never cease. The largest newspaper in Nevada is slamming Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader and one of their very own Senators, saying he is a race baiter. In an editorial entitled “Colorblind Harry Reid continues to divide,” that was posted...