ABC Paints Picture of Chattanooga Killer As Disturbed; Not Yet Known To Be Related to Radical Islamism

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According to ABC News, a diary belonging to the Chattanooga gunman paints a picture of a disturbed and suicidal man, who used drugs. Four days after the shooting, they state the FBI has not found any connection to terrorist groups.


Their story states:

With more than 30 FBI agents due to arrive today in Chattanooga, a diary belonging to the gunman and FBI interviews with his parents paint a picture of a disturbed, suicidal young man using drugs, preparing for bankruptcy and facing an appearance in criminal court, according to a representative of the shooter’ s family.

Four days after the shooting, the FBI has not found any connection to overseas terrorist groups, but Mohammod Abdulazeez’s diary says that as far back as 2013, he wrote about having suicidal thoughts and “becoming a martyr” after losing his job due to his drug use, both prescription and non-prescription drugs, the family representative said.

They go on to say that:

A seven-month trip to Jordan last year was an effort to “get him away from bad influences in the U.S.,” not part of a path to radicalization, the family told agents.

You can read the full article at ABC News.

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