Monthly Archive: July 2014

Hard Drive

IRS Changes Story on Lost Emails and Hard Drive Crashes

In a never ending battle of are there backups of emails or not, House Oversight Committee Chairman Darrel Issa (R-CA) released the transcription of testimony taken last week which shows that the IRS may just be changing it’s story on whether Lois Lerner’s emails...

I Can’t Believe David Axelrod Tweeted This!

@davidaxelrod Remember when @MittRomney tried to warn @BarakObama and he blew him off saying the 80's wanted their policies back? — Tea Party Chicks (@teapartychicks) July 21, 2014

Child Holding US Flag

Newly Released Data Shows the Majority of Central Americans’ Asylum Claims Are Approved Immediately and Approval Rates Have Dramatically Increased Under Obama

#114118944 / On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee released data it obtained from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that shows that of the children who are coming across the southern border, nearly two-thirds who requested asylum this year have had their initial...

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren Dodges Israel-Gaza Question

With talk about President Obama possibly backing Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) in the 2016 Presidential run, instead of Hillary Clinton, this clip just sort of gives you a glimpse into her mindset when it comes to Israel — which is honestly not too far...